Many women, victims of conjugal violence live in fear.  They are afraid for their lives and their children’s.  Others think they are going crazy and don’t feel self-confident.  Most of them think there is no place to hide or to be helped.  Many of them do not find a way out.

Some of them find their path to our Shelter.

We offer

  • A 24 hours per day, 7 days per week telephone listening service
  • A safe shelter
  • A place where they can feel listened to and mutual help where women are encouraged to regain control over their lives and find the joy to live again
  • Accompaniment services in legal, financial or other steps
  • An appropriate counseling specific to the needs of children exposed to conjugal violence
  • External counseling services (without shelter)
  • Support in the elaboration of safety plans
  • Post-shelter follow-ups
  • Support for relatives of victims of conjugal violence and professionals working with victims
  • Medium-term and partially subsidized apartments with common areas including individual and group follow-ups
  • Awareness workshops in the community
  • A prevention of violence process in elementary schools
  • On demand, specific trainings for enterprises and academic institutions