Only the mobilization of the entire society can effectively counter violence against women in all walks of life. It is necessary to rally men and women determined to end it. The Shelter plays an active role in the community to promote a collective vision of the problem of conjugal violence and to engage community members in a search for global solutions.



STOP 14 & 15 years old

Dating violence is a reality that is still taboo. Prevention program STOP wants to break this silence by inviting the students to deliberate on this issue and highlight alternatives to violence. It proposes a relationship model based on healthy and egalitarian communication.

PASSAJ 16 & 17 years old

PASSAJ program offers young people between 16 and 17 the possibility to discuss situations of intimidation and violence concerning life as a couple, sexuality, sexual harassment at work, school or within their leisure’s.



We offer workshops, conferences and trainnings adaptated to your needs.  Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.