At any time, you and your children are welcome.  Our shelter is a warm place to live in and a place of belonging that facilitates sharing and the creation of safe bonds.  Located in the West Island of Montréal, we shelter five families and two single women.

To be welcomedyou have to call 514-620-4845, ext.221 and discuss with a counselor who will assess your needs and will ensure that we are the right resource for you.  We shelter women and children victims of conjugal violence only.



During your stay, you will be asked to participate to collective life and to meet the counselors.  Together, you will work on deconstructing the consequences that violence had on you and your children.  The Shelter’s team firmly believe that women and children are not responsible for the violence experienced.  So, we will accompany you in your process to regain power over your life.  Our counseling approach is global and respectful.


In addition, your children will also have the opportunity to share confidentially with a counselor specialised with children. At their own rhythm, throughout the weeks, they will be able to talk about their experience with violence.  We will accompany them to reclaim their role as children and to free themselves from the conflict of loyalty that is often present.


The length of stay is flexible to your needs.  It can go from one night to a few months, but it is short term because we are an emergency and first line resource.