Children exposed to conjugal violence

Living in a family where there is the dynamics of conjugal violence is a complex and challenging experience for both women (who are the primary victims) as well as their children. For the children, it may mean seeing their mother getting hit or hearing their father yelling and breaking things, to have the police summoned to their homes in the middle of the night, or seeing injuries on their mother’s body. Finally, it can also mean living in a tense atmosphere, in secrecy, or in an unpredictable and unstable climate. Being exposed in this way, children also become victims of this violence.


Helping children exposed to conjugal violence. A multi-target action.

Children exposed to conjugal violence are affected in their emotional development and behaviour, as well as in their adaptability and learning skills.   It is for this reason that children at the Shelter are seen as individuals separate from their mothers.  They have different needs in terms of intervention and require specific assistance/guidance from our counselors.
The West Island Women’s Shelter offers many services to children: at the Shelter, within our external services, in our second stage house; Alternat’Elle and in elementary and high schools.