You want to leave your violent partner and you would like to be accompanied to ensure a safe departure.  You are in an unhealthy relationship, you do not want to leave, but want to better understand what you are living.  You are separated from your violent partner, but he has not let it go.  He continually harasses you.  A friend, a member of your family or even a professional think that you are victim of conjugal violence.  Maybe you are not sure or convinced of it and you wish talk to a counselor.

Whatever reasons motivating  you, meetings in external services will help you to better understand what you are living and your feelings about your relationship.  Accompanied by a counselor, you will have among others, the opportunity to better understand the cycle of violence and to explore the difference between a couple’s quarrel and conjugal violence.


In external services you can also ask for meetings for your children.  Accompanied by a specialized counselor, they will have the occasion to talk about their experience facing violence, in total security and confidentiality.  We will accompany them to reclaim their role as children and to free themselves from the conflict of loyalty that is  often present.