Redecorate bedrooms with us:  Objective :  3,500.00$

Considering that the Shelter residence welcomes an average of 60 women yearly, with or without children, the bedrooms need frequent maintenance.   Your donation will help us to redecorate rooms which haven’t been touched for several years, with a view to making them clean and welcoming for the women and children living there.

“At home, my husband forbade me from even sleeping in a bed.  At the Shelter, I had a place just for me.”


Arranging the backyard – Alternat’Elle :  Objective:  10,000.00$

Help us arrange the yard outside and install a play structure for the 14 families who live in our second-stage housing.  You will be contributing thereby to a place where our children can relax, have fun and develop in a healthy way.  Help us to make a difference in their lives and permit them to become children again, in complete security.