Gift Cards

This year we will not be able to host our traditional Christmas party, therefore gift cards are preferable as they can be mailed to the women and children served by the Shelter


– Fairview mall

– Lush

– H&M

– Bath and body works

– Chapters/Indigo

– IGA/ Super C

– Tim Hortons/ Starbucks

– St-Hubert

– Old Navy

– Winners/Home sense

– Ultramar/Esso etc.

– Walmart

– Pharmaprix/Jean


– Bureau en gros

– La vie en rose/La senza

– Amazon


– Toys R Us

– Chapters/Indigo

– Tim Hortons/McDonald/Subway

– Amazon

– Walmart

– EB Games

– Ardene

– Lush/ Sephora

– Fairview

– David’s Tea

– Cinema

– Bath and Body Works

– Foot Locker/ Lids

– Dairy Queen

– Dollorama

– Pharmaprix

Essential Items

Due to the pandemic, we only accept donations of new items


– Personal hygiene: shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, bath salt / bubble bath / effervescent ball, soap, deodorant, razors, cotton swab, toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, tampons, panty liners

– Self-care: creams (body, feet, hands); lip balm; make-up removing wipes; nail file; nail polish; hair brush

– Bathroom: shower towels; soap dispenser; laundry basket

– Kitchen: set of 4 plates, 4 bowls, 4 cups; set of 4 glasses; cutlery for 4 place settings; set of pots and pans; cooking utensils (ex: ladle, spatula, large spoon)

– Bedding: double + single bed sheet set; single and double bed blankets

– Slippers / flip flops


– Baby wipes

– Baby moisturizer

– Shampoo / body soap

– Toothbrush

– Blankets (comforters) for children

– Pkg of 3 small washcloths for children

– Sets of socks, hats, mittens


– Body care: shower gel, body spray, deodorant, perfume, shaving products; lip balm (lipstick)

Physical Gifts

If you prefer to offer physical gifts instead of gift cards, we will do our best to distribute them to the women and children victims of conjugal violence


– Agendas 2021

– Cute notebooks and pencils

– Mandala coloring books

– Small jewelery

– Chocolate boxes

– Wool socks

– Candles

– Essential oil diffuser

– Throws and beautiful covers

– Thermos cups

– Hat, scarf and glove sets


– Play doh/ slime

– Blocs/ Legos/Puzzles

– Bath toys and bath paint

– Crafting kits/ beads

– Dolls & accessories

– Hot wheels / race cars

– Sports equipment: basketball, football, soccer ball, scooters

– Superhero action figures

– Dress up/pretend play


– Accessories: watches, masculine bracelets, tuques, funky socks, purses, bags

– Electronics: Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headphones, charging stations, karaoke sets, pop sockets, light rings for cellphone